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Festival / Evening

Antoine Poncet

Anthology of gibberish and jargon, wildlife and satyrs

01 Mar 2013

The event is over

Antoine Poncet

Antoine Poncet has made a list of new definitions of gibberish and jargon in texts that he does not fully understand. In other words, a language that isn’t quite a language, which impedes understanding and seems to be garbage while at the same time breaking free of the shackles of convention, academicism, time and place.
From Aristophanes’ Frogs to the "coquecigrues" (mythical creatures, half insect half bird) of Rabelais and Mallarmé, as well as, perhaps, the yelping of the convulsionnaires of Saint-Médard, or the imitative Harmonie of Pierre-Antoine de Piis, to the scabrous fantasies of Dranem, to the incantations of Artaud and the shamanistic languages of Laurent Quintreau, in La Clairière "faunes et satyres" will focus on hearing these unrestrained languages, whether animal, fanciful, metaphorical or satirical.


01 Mar 2013
From 19h


Espace 315 - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2