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Antoni Muntadas, critical proposals

03 Nov 2014

The event is over

Antoni Muntadas

In his first videos, Muntadas was already criticising the media of architecture, and the less visible medium of communication networks. He was one of the very first artists to create a work for the Internet, The File Room (1994), a huge collective database on censure. The artist questions the systems of power that make themselves felt through the introduction of frontiers, the translation process, social and political rituals and the relationships between the public and private spheres. Muntadas presents a number of his installations, interventions and videos at the Centre Pompidou: the corporal actions of 1971, Media Ecology Ads (1982), Video is Television? (1989) and Alphaville (2011).
Film show/talk presented by Antoni Muntadas/as part of the research programme "Cinema/video, art and politics in France since 1968: systems, archives, digital"of the LabEx Arts-H2H/partnership with Université Paris 8 and the BnF/Free admission

Antoni Muntadas


03 Nov 2014
From 7pm


Cinéma 2