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Festival / Evening

Daniel Linehan : Not about everything

02 Mar 2013

The event is over

Daniel Linehan.

A dancer comes on stage alone. He starts to spin. His rotation progressively transforms into a frenzied and obsessional gyratory movement. Without ever stopping, he talks, he reads, shares his thoughts and questions with the audience. Into this apparently simple and repetitive movement from place to place, he introduces a series of subtle variations, increasing speeds and different timings, creating a demanding and complex dance. More than this even, in this endless whirling, Daniel Linehan creates, with great delicacy and depth, a space for meditative reflection....

Followed by:

Thomas Hirschhorn
Letter to Fanny
"Thinking does not produce “beauty” but the activity of thinking is beautiful. I want to show that."
Th. Hirschhorn

Daniel Linehan.


02 Mar 2013
From 7pm


Espace 315