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Debate / Meeting

Jean-Yves Jouannais

Entrée "Froisser" extraits :

12 Jan 2012

The event is over

Jean-Yves Jouannais lors d'une séance de "L'Encyclopédie des guerres"

“This is, in all modesty, called The War Encyclopaedia.” Performance after performance, Jean-Yves Jouannais reads aloud a work that he is in the process of writing. During the reading, many different illustrations are projected onto a screen: maps, photographs, paintings, film extracts, topical news stories, cartoons, artists' videos, etc. This illustrated reading, like a pop-up encyclopaedia, is similar to a performance, as each entry is commentated on, critiqued and re-written bit by bit, and all live in person. “Gazouillis” entrance.


12 Jan 2012
From 19h


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2