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Exhibition / Museum | For kids and teens

Un enfant de 5 ans en ferait autant !

Une exposition-atelier de l'artiste Claude Closky

14 Apr - 24 Sep 2018

The event is over

Claude Closky, « Un enfant de 5 ans en ferait autant ! », 2017-18. Vue d'installation, Galerie des enfants, Centre Pompidou.

An exhibition-workshop by the artist Claude Closky

For the Galerie des enfants, the French artist Claude Closky has designed an interactive presentation around images, inviting children and adults to become actors and spectators. Simple and free shapes are projected on a large screen. With tiny gestures, children can produce amazing effects and create new images. The screen becomes hypnotic, invaded by fleeting and poetic compositions. Thanks to the digital manipulation of these shapes, gestures and combinations, the budding creators discover a visual art language as part of a shared experience.ompositions éphémères et poétiques. À partir de la manipulation digitale de ces formes, des gestes et des combinaisons, les jeunes participants partagent une expérience et découvrent un langage plastique.

For children aged 4 and up


14 Apr - 24 Sep 2018
11h - 19h, every days except tuesdays


Galerie des Enfants - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2