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Latifa Laâbissi

Goodbye and thanks

20 - 22 Nov 2013

The event is over

The choreographer explores an essential ritual in Western entertainment: the bow. Communicating multiple meanings, the bow can be political, social, ceremonial and many other things. Above all, it enables people to think about the 'edge' of the stage, that uncertain moment between the performance and the farewell to a fiction. Taking a bow means marking the end, but coming back – that is to say, saying goodbye, and staying... Latifa Laâbissi stages an anthropological landscape as a background to stories, figures and voices, and through which signs of our times infiltrate. She turns dance codes upside down, while taking her leave of them.
With the Paris Festival d'Automne,


20 - 22 Nov 2013
From 20h30


Grande Salle