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Vincent Thomasset

La SUITE : Sus à la Bibliothèque ! / Les Protragronistes / Médail Décor

4 - 8 Nov 2015

The event is over

Vincent Thomasset - La suite - Médail décor

La Suite: Sus à la Bibliothèque !/Les Protragronistes/Médail Décor. La Suite is a trilogy of plays written independently from each other but designed to be performed in succession. Staged and choreographed by Vincent Thomasset, they invite the audience to become witnesses to artistic creation, its development and its questions. La Suite is a living substance where narratives, personal memories and dialogues are mingled and performed in turn by a choir, a stage director, a dancer, and a man in riding gear who appears and disappears according to the episodes.

With the Paris Festival d’Automne/

Vincent Thomasset - La suite - Médail décor


4 - 7 Nov 2015
From 8:30pm
08 Nov 2015
5pm - 8:30pm


Grande Salle


Avec le Festival d’Automne à Paris.


Avec le soutien d'Arcadi Ile-de-France.