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Festival / Evening

Meeting with Rayyane Tabet

20 Feb 2014

The event is over

Rayyane Tabet, Fossils, 2006

Graduated in art and architecture, the artist Rayyane Tabet explains that this series begins with the desire to remember his first memory: “I realized that I have five first memories which are all connected to physical objects: I remember keeping a packed suitcase at the side of my bed, I remember standing in the doorway of a bedroom that had disappeared, I remember playing with a set of wood block toys, I remember going on a boat trip and I remember hearing that Maradona had scored a goal against England. The works that come out of these memories are a series of sculptures which attempt to remake these objects taking into account that the memories might have transformed their material qualities. Fossils is a series of suitcases which I have been purchasing, filling them with objects and casting concrete on top of them. Some of the recurring themes of this series deal with questions of sculptural form once it addresses malleable concepts such as memory and the way in which material form has to adapt or transform to follow the elastic mechanisms of remembering, forgetting, imagining and recovering.”

Rayyane Tabet, Fossils, 2006


20 Feb 2014
From 4:30pm


Galerie sud