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Alexander Apóstol

28 Feb 2013

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Alexander Apóstol, Yamaikaleter, 2009

Venezuelan artist Alexander Apóstol is among the new generation of South American artists who share a deep interest in their history and political and cultural heritage. In his 2009 video, Yamaikaleter, presented at the 2011 Venice Biennale, the artist uses Simón Bolivar's 14 May 1815 Letter from Jamaica, written in English, in which Bolivar set out his political ideals. Apóstol had residents of Caracas' poor neighborhoods, who do not speak or understand English, read it aloud. The revolutionary text rings empty and weak. In his recent work, the artist also questions the symbolism of modernist architecture in Caracas, created after the fall of the military regime in the 1950s.


28 Feb 2013
From 20h


Cinema 1 - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2