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Masters of the amateur film


12 Oct 2012

The event is over

Vladimir Petek, Sretanje, 1964

Brought together under the umbrella of film-clubs from 1935, the Croatian cinematographic avant-garde cultivated and legitimised an “amateur” film practice. This retrospective offers an insight into the distinctive features of this cinematography relatively unknown in France. Éloge de la satire and Ein Film für die Anarchie affirm their desire for emancipation and renewal. In the 1960s, two schools dominated the Croatian experimental scene: Zagreb and Split. In the capital, the intense experimental activity was very largely dominated by the notion of Anti-film, while on the Mediterranean coast, the Split film-club, led by Ivan Martinac, produced meditative, romantic films.

Vladimir Petek, Sretanje, 1964


12 Oct 2012
From 8pm


Cinéma 2