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Debate / Meeting

Projection space

New sound spatialisation device

29 Nov 2012

The event is over

Espace de projection : nouveau dipositif de spatialisation sonore

IRCAM is launching an ambitious sound spatialisation system consisting of 264 speakers distributed around the stage and the audience for broadcasting in WFS (Wave Field Synthesis) and a dome of 75 speakers for a three dimensional broadcast in Ambisonics mode. This new equipment in IRCAM's projection space has benefited from the support of the Île-de-France region, the CNRS and the UPMC. Its aim is to stimulate the exploration of new methods of spatialisation for musical creative work and to permit the conduct of scientific experiments on virtual reality and spatial cognition.


29 Nov 2012
From 19h


Espace de Projection - Ircam, Paris