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Festival / Evening

Marina Yaguello

The invention of languages

28 Feb 2013

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Hélène Smith, La fille de Jaïrus, 1913

In texts, it is not uncommon for animals to talk. Myths, fables and fairy tales are full of beasts that are as loquacious as people. But some literary creations are even more bizarre : the “Houyhnhnm” horses of Swift; Kafka’s chimpanzee Peter; Bouboulov, the “canine citizen” of Boulgakov; Big and Fa, Robert Merle’s dolphins; Rover, Tige and Bounce, Clifford Simak’s philologist dogs … When comparing these fictional talking animals to actual ethological experiments on teaching words to non-human species, we are compelled to look at the relationship between speech and our humanity under a new light.

A lecture by Tristan Garcia, Philosopher and Writer, author of Mémoires de la jungle (Gallimard, 2010)

Hélène Smith, La fille de Jaïrus, 1913


28 Feb 2013
From 7pm


Petite Salle