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Albert Serra

17 Apr - 12 May 2013

The event is over

Photo : Les Trois petits cochons, d'Albert Serra

“Albert Serra's proposal for dOCUMENTA (13) is to make a movie in Kassel that will be filmed every day for the 100 days of the exhibition. Edited each afternoon, it will be shown in the evening, together with excerpts from the previous day. The title of the movie is The Three Little Pigs (2012), referring to the well-known fairy tale, whose written version dates from the mid-nineteenth century but which probably existed in oral form much earlier. Not without irony, the title also refers to three moments in the history of Europe and its construction of a cultural identity, represented by the figures of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Adolf Hitler, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Three scripts provide the text: the conversations of Goethe with his fellow writer and assistant Johann Peter Eckermann ; Hitler's 'Table Talk; a series of monologues and conversations that took place at the Führerhauptquartier between Hitler and his inner circle from 1941 to 1944; and a series of interviews with and articles by the filmmaker Fassbinder. lt was Fassbinder who said in a conversation with the dramaturge Horst Laube, 'lt is impossible to talk about the meaning of life without using the wrong words. lmprecise words. But these are the only words we have. So let's start!' And so begins the movie. Actors and non-actors rehearse the three texts, but the movie has no final goal: it is constantly in the making, changing from day to day. The superimposition of text and personas gives the project its very particular character, rooted in the conversation as both a form of social inquiry and a genre that is open to infinitude. A conversation relies on the listener, as a movie relies on the viewer, and here a ludicrous kind of banality emerges that makes us gaze at everyday life as if into the furthest reaches of a science-fiction fantasy: the fantasy of identity in a certain place -Kassel, Germany- at a certain time-the summer of 2012. The Three Little Pigs is based on the rule of three as a method to arrive at a Solution that will avoid the disaster : the wolf. Here, it is also the third cultural approach that proves successful-not literature, or history, but film.” Chuz Martinez, dOCUMENTA (13)

Photo : Les Trois petits cochons, d'Albert Serra


17 Apr - 12 May 2013
11am - 9pm, every days except tuesdays