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Debate / Meeting

A metabiotic community

The revolutionary legacies of Dziga Vertov

17 Jun 2013

The event is over

Dziga Vertov La onzième année. Photogramme, 1927

1928, the year when Stalin launched his first five-year plan, the start of the “Great Purge” and of his forced rupture with Russia's pre-modern past, was also the year when The Eleventh Year was published. This film by Vertov looks at the ancient remains of the Scythian civilisation dug up during the construction of the Dnieprostroi, the great hydroelectric dam. Vertov discovers the forms of solidarity which link several generations and unite the living and the dead in the same metabiotic community.

Dziga Vertov La onzième année. Photogramme, 1927


17 Jun 2013
From 7pm


Petite Salle