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(Film inédit)

14 Jun 2013

The event is over

Dioramas, de G. Castro

In Dioramas, two threads – reality and fiction – interweave in a single movement: the rehearsals of a contemporary dance troupe, led by choreographer Mariano Pattin, show the moments of intimacy shared by two young women who take part in this composition. At each moment, Gonzalo Castro captures the interaction between words and gestures, at the right distance from the bodies. Although the dioramas associate them with the immobile large-scale depictions which, in natural history museums, show species in their natural environments, it is the movement of the bodies, in their minute details, in which the Argentine filmmaker is interested here. Dioramas by Gonzalo Castro (2012, 79') / Session presented by Stéphane Bouquet, as part of “A Look at Argentine Cinema Today”

Dioramas, de G. Castro


14 Jun 2013
From 8pm


Cinéma 2