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Off-site event

Matière à rétro-projeter !

(Material for projection !)

9 Feb - 21 Mar 2010

The event is over

Matière à rétro-projeter !

From the age of 6 The use of overhead projectors became widespread at the end of the 1950s then grew rare with the advent of sophisticated digital tools. Today, artists from a wide variety of disciplines have decided to rehabilitate the overhead projector. By inviting the younger audience to play with overhead projectors, the Galerie des Enfants is changing into a large studio of ephemeral creation, renewed over and over again. From the shaft of light, a host of disparate objects create infinite compositions blending shapes, matter and colours. The walls of the gallery are constantly re-drawn and animated by the large-scale projections of images created in situ by visitors. And echoing these interactive devices, performances from artists will unveil a poetic and dreamy world with the help of this strange machine we still call the overhead projector. Children and parents are accompanied by monitors from 2 to 6 pm.


9 Feb - 21 Mar 2010
9h - 18h, every days except mondays


Athènes - Mégaron, Athènes