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The Promises of the past

1950-2010, A discontinuous history of art in former eastern europe

14 Apr - 19 Jul 2010

The event is over

Les Promesses du Passé, affiche de l'exposition

Crossing nations and generations, The Promises of the Past presents the works of over fifty artists mostly hailing from Central and Eastern Europe. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the exhibition looks at Europe's former East/West divide, and challenges the idea of art history as something linear and continuous. The Centre Pompidou thus aims to introduce the public to artists whose creations and subject matters have marked their countries of origin, and to explain the salient influence of certain tutelary figures of Central and Eastern Europe on the younger generation of international artists. The exhibition highlights the works of some of the most emblematic artists of the former Eastern Europe countries and underlines their influence on the international art scene today. Some of these are already well-known artists such as Sanja Ivekovi, Dimitrije Bašievi Mangelos, Július Koller, Alina Szapocznikow and Edward Krasiski. The exhibition comprises 160 works of art, across all disciplines, on show in the Galerie Sud of the Centre Pompidou in an original scenography by Monika Sosnowska (Poland), whilst sources, archives, documents as well as videos and films are presented inside the installation created by Slovene artist Tobias Putrih for the Espace 315. These elements are intended to explain the particular context that saw the creation of the works exhibited.

Les Promesses du Passé, affiche de l'exposition


14 Apr - 19 Jul 2010
11h - 21h, every days except tuesdays


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