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Marguerite Duras

17 Nov 2014

The event is over

On the occasion of the exhibition "Duras Song, portrait d’une écriture"at the BPI, the Centre Pompidou emphasises the presence and influence of Duras' work as regards a number of contemporary artists. As a result, a whole "post-cinema" world of today is influenced by the films of Duras. An open or floating narrative, desynchronised sound and image, hieratic characters and the importance of the narrative voice: these elements of her cinematographic writing, considered by Duras as the total opposite of "commercial" films, can be found in the work of later generations. This evening dedicated to Marguerite Duras takes Le Camion, a film made in 1977, as the guiding principle of a contemporary programme consisting of film excerpts, readings, videos, remakes and sound pieces.
Evening devised by Pascale Cassagnau, author, and Jean-Max Colard, curator of the exhibition "Duras Song, portrait d’une écriture".


17 Nov 2014
From 19h


Cinéma 2

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