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Angela Bulloch & David Grubbs

The Wired Salutation

23 Mar 2013

The event is over

As part of its continuing interest in creating convergence between the visual arts and live events, the Centre Pompidou invited artist Angela Bulloch and musician David Grubbs to mount an original production. Both chose to instigate the process by which images and ideas break down, deteriorate and simplify. This loosening and slackening occurs visually through performance, video and theatrical light and takes the audience on a voyage to the interior of the image. Simultaneously, the live musical composition creation by David Grubbs (guitar and voice), Andrea Belfi (drums, electronic) and Stefano Pilia (guitar) work and compress the sound material by separating out its constituent parts, one by one, thus separating from the work's initial coherence. Angela Bulloch's conceptual works combine a practice inherited from minimalist art and references to daily life. They subvert existing systems, rules and structures and, thus, the public's expectations. She often uses light, sound and text to create her sculptures, questioning the notion of “artist” and the perception of time.


23 Mar 2013
From 8:30pm


Grande Salle