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Festival / Evening

Elvire Bonduelle scans Kandinsky


22 Feb 2013

The event is over

Elvire Bonduelle

Since 2007 Elvire Bonduelle has been developing a very specific drawing practice: "Les dessins à la règle" [Drawings by the rule]. "Made between 2007 and today, they are meticulously executed with precision, “à la règle” [by the rule] in the words of Elvire Bonduelle, with simple equipment: colour pencils, felt tips, ballpoint pens as well as the templates and capital letter forms that guide her line. For BOOK MACHINE (Paris), she put herself “in residence” at the Kandinsky library in order to choose a book from which she will create in public a new book of drawings “à la règle” throughout the Nouveau Festival period.

Elvire Bonduelle


22 Feb 2013
From 6pm