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Debate / Meeting

Théories de la photographie

Colloque : Où en sont les théories de la photographie ?

27 May 2015

The event is over

Man Ray, « boîte d’allumettes », vers 1960. Centre Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne, AM 2008-11

Linked with the exhibition "Qu’est-ce que la photographie?"

During most of the 20th century, photography was structured and developed in terms of both practice and theory. The advent of digital technologies has speeded up the development of visual recording uses. Where does theory stand in this new landscape?
Based on a proposal by Clément Chéroux, André Gunthert, Michel Poivert, Paul-Louis Roubert and Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska.

Speakers: Philippe Dubois, Johanne Lamoureux, Jacqueline Guittard, André Gunthert, Michel Poivert, Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Joel Snyder and Herta Wolf /
A partnership between the Centre Pompidou, Paris 1 University (Hicsa), EHESS and Études photographiques.


27 May 2015
11h - 18h

Mecredi 27 mai 2015, de 11H à 13H et de 14H30 à 18H


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2