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Debate / Meeting

Jacques Villeglé and Lek & Sowat


07 Feb 2013

The event is over

A GAUCHE : ABC, 4 mars 1959, de Jacques Villeglé. A DROITE : Mausolée, 6 Juillet 2011 (détail) de Lek et Sowat

Jacques Villeglé is a figurehead of the new realism and co-creator in 1949, with Raymond Hains, of the first “torn” poster, Ach Alma Manetro. This evening, he and the young artist duo of Lek & Sowat, who move within the “street art” tradition, share the floor.


07 Feb 2013
From 19h


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2