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Debate / Meeting

L'affirmation de nouveaux espaces de l'art : expériences et limites

Elitza Dulguerova

20 Jun 2018

The event is over

Décors de Malévitch et ses étudiants pour les Casernes blanches de Vitebsk, lors des célébrations du deuxième anniversaire du Comité de lutte contre le chômage, décembre 1919

One of the challenges for Ounovis, a collective that grew up in Vitebsk around Kazimir Malevich advocating "the assertion of new forms in art", was to incorporate space as a component of the work. This meant seeking freedom from the material constraints of objects and the illusionist weight of images. El Lissitzky in particular focused on this search for a new experience of the space, exploring it in his Prouns and "demonstration areas" in his writings, while indirectly encouraging Malevich to form a theory on the conditions for an objectless architecture.

With Elitza Dulguerova


20 Jun 2018
19h - 21h


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2