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Viva la muerte

03 May 2013

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Photo viva la muerte

Shown as part of the carte blanche given to Albert Serra, the mythical film by Arrabal deals with the history of a young tuberculous man, who, at the end of the Spanish Civil War, discovers that his mother denounced his father, who has been arrested and declared dead through suicide. “I hesitated over which of Arrabal's films to choose. I even thought of El Topo by Jodorowsky (but from the moment when the character cuts his hair, I dislike it so much that I can no longer bear it; although the first part is great). Finally, I decided on Viva la Muerte for the simple reason that it is the most Spanish of all of them.” Albert Serra. Viva la Muerte by Fernando Arrabal (1971, 90') / Session presented by Albert Serra and an invited guest.

Photo viva la muerte


03 May 2013
From 20h


Cinéma 2