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The Pornographer

04 Oct 2014

The event is over

Le Pornographe, de Bertrand Bonello, 2001

Le Pornographe by Bertrand Bonello and La Maman et la putain by Jean Eustache form a diptych on sexuality in its relationship with politics. In 1973, Eustache filmed his "happenings" in the context of his disillusionment with May 68. Thirty years later, LePornographe is haunted by the heritage of this period and its transmission. Jacques Laurent, a "porn" film director at the end of his career, looks back at the development of his profession, his subject and his codes. "Pornography as regards the scene of explicit sex – that is not what the film is about. But pornography as a trajectory – a trajectory towards the end of utopias: that is what it's about." Bertrand Bonello (24 Images, winter 2002).
4 October, 8.00 p.m.: Le Pornographe (2001, 108’), by Bertrand Bonello/5 October, 2.30 p.m., "Soundtracks": La Maman et la putain (1973, 220’), by Jean Eustache.

Le Pornographe, de Bertrand Bonello, 2001


04 Oct 2014
From 8pm


Cinéma 2