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Guy de Cointet

Tell Me

23 - 24 Feb 2013

The event is over

Guy de Cointet was a French artist who emigrated to the United States in 1965. He was a key creator in the history of conceptual art, especially in his affiliations with surrealism and visual poetry. His work constantly explored the issues of the processes of meaning. He produced some unusual « performances » largely to do with language and which revealed the behaviours, positions and attitudes of mass culture. In 2008, the Pompidou Centre acquired the set and props for Tell Me, an off-the-wall performance on abstraction and language, and the way in which they are perceived by the mind and senses. This play was first staged in Los Angeles in 1979 and has now been revived here with the three original American actresses.


23 Feb 2013
From 20h30
24 Feb 2013
From 17h


Grande Salle