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Chris Marker

From guerre et révolution to gorgomancy

18 Mar 2013

The event is over

Ouvroir, 2009, Chris Marker

“Multimedia is not just an entirely new language, it's the language I've been waiting for my whole life.” Chris Marker (Libération, 8 January 1999). This event will feature Marker's multimedia work, from the production of Guerre et révolutions, quand le siècle a pris forme at the Centre Pompidou in 1978, to 2012 and Gorgomancy, an evolving Internet site that presents several of the artist's works, including an Internet version of the CD-ROM, Immemory, and L'Ouvroir, on the Second Life 3D platform, where the famous cat, Guillaume-en-Égypte, presents Chris Marker's museum and his world.

Ouvroir, 2009, Chris Marker


18 Mar 2013
From 6pm


Cinema 1