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Pascal Rambert

End of love

12 - 15 Dec 2012

The event is over

In a large white room, a man and a woman remember their separation, talk about the past and the present. She is Audrey Bonnet. He is Stanislas Nordey. This play was written for them, for their bodies, for their ways of talking. With the uninterrupted flow of words, the string of questions and answers, the shortness of breath, in a sort of marathon between fear and liberation: author and director Pascal Rambert takes us to the heart of this painful moment. In the brutality of an omnipresent verb, in the incredible rigour of a cold and murderous script a merciless struggle unfolds. Their weapons are equal, but they do not use them in the same way. Male and female, two stares, two silences, two ways to talk about the violence of a love that dies.


12 - 15 Dec 2012
From 20h30


Grande Salle