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Electra Glide in Blue

04 May 2013

The event is over

Photo Electra Glide in Blue

As part of his carte blanche, Albert Serra presents the mythical Electra Glide in Blue. “One of my friends regards the film as the opposite of Easy Ride: we're in the 1970s and the ones who ride around on motorcycles are… the police! Strange, abstract and with great photography (by Conrad Hall in the heart of Monument Valley!), Electra Glide in Blue is a vanishing witness of American mythology in the 1960s. It's an existentialist film, but with a landscape and a world ingrained with characters,” explains the filmmaker. Electra Glide in Blue by James William Guercio (1973, 104'), preceded by Sant Pere de Rodes by Albert Serra (2006, 26') / Session presented by Albert Serra and Abel Ferrara (subject to availability).

Photo Electra Glide in Blue


04 May 2013
From 8pm


Cinéma 2