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Documentary shorts

07 Jun 2013

The event is over

From Algeria to France, a brilliant and melancholic meditation by Olivier Py on the history of his parents, his family, and of a generation marked by war. A filmmaker investigates Pêche, a little pink plastic pony received for his sixth birthday, which became a companion in whom to confide his emerging inclination for boys and his examinations on the norm for love. Detainees who sing from inside the prison. This programme presents the prize-winners of the 12th Festival de Films Documentaires de Court Métrage de Lyon (Documentary Shorts Festival of Lyon - Docs en Court). Screening: Méditerranées by Olivier Py (2011, 32') / Pêche, Mon Petit Poney by Thomas Riera (2012, 40') / Nos Jours, Absolument, Doivent Être Illuminés by Jean-Gabriel Périot (2011, 22') / With Jacques Gerstenkorn (Festival Director), Lise Beaulieu (Editor of Méditerranées) and Thomas Riera (Director).


07 Jun 2013
From 20h


Cinéma 2