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Festival / Evening

Matt Mullican

88 maps, conversation with Bernard Blistène

03 Mar 2013

The event is over

A pioneer in the use of the computer for drawing and design, over the last forty years artist Matt Mullican has constructed a personal cosmology that blends geometric forms, ancient alphabets, pictograms, diagrams, printed circuits and virtual worlds, using a limited range of colours (red, blue, yellow and green). In this way he has managed to make a history of the world in 88 maps and these maps have made a book. This arcane and personal vision also offers a view of the mind at work, of its circuits as shortcuts and sudden surges. The 2011 Jean Lurcat Prize was awarded to 88 MAPS (Three Star Books) in 2011.


03 Mar 2013
From 2:30pm


Petite Salle