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Debate / Meeting

Zak Kyes

Graphism talk

13 Nov 2013

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Zak Kyes, partner at Zak Group. Photo

The Swiss-American graphic designer Zak Kyes lives and works in London. He created his agency, Zak Group, in 2005, then became Artistic Director of the Architectural Association (AA), with which he coproduced Bedford Press, based on an editorial principal linking digital and limited edition prints. His critical, radical approach to graphics techniques redefines the traditional limits of the discipline. Zak Kyes initiates complex projects mingling graphic design, publication, strategic research, artistic direction, architecture and exhibition curatorship. He is to be the Artistic Director of the 8th Berlin Biennale in 2014 and the Architecture Triennial in Lisbon in 2013.
A talk by Zak Kyes

Zak Kyes, partner at Zak Group. Photo


13 Nov 2013
From 7pm


Petite Salle