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Debate / Meeting

Posterity, future, oblivion: the work of digital technology

ManiFeste 2013

12 - 14 Jun 2013

The event is over

The “Digital Dark Age” describes a future situation where it will be impossible to read electronic data because it has been stored on obsolete media in forgotten formats. This issue affects every field of knowledge and art, from archiving to design. It will spread as humanity's memory is converted into bits. What strategies can we take in the face of “digital oblivion”? Is there a future existence for works designed with a technology that is soon to end? Editing and archiving, vintage and remake, interpretation and authentic reinterpretation demonstrate artistic inventiveness in direct contact with the transience of the technological era. Meetings, debates and art vs. science on work in the digital age: a confrontation between Faust and Janus.


12 - 14 Jun 2013
2:30pm - 8pm
From 6:30pm, every wednesdays, thursdays, fridays
13 Jun 2013
8pm - 1:30am
14 Jun 2013
4:30pm - 10pm