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Andros Zins-Browne

The Host

26 - 27 Jan 2013

The event is over

Genre: cowboys in crisis. The deplorable state of our world and the lack of environmental courage in his home country led American dancer and choreographer Andros Zins-Browne to produce The Host. Its protagonist is the cowboy, the ultimate American symbol of an individual who masters, dominates, exploits and controls his environment. But how long can he stand his ground when his surroundings are becoming increasingly hostile towards him? Extra testosterone, cowboy boots and a dash of burlesque make The Host a joyful tragedy about our post-apocalyptic planet. The setting of this battle is a movable creation, a plastic installation featuring inflatable objects produced by artist Stefan Demming.


26 Jan 2013
From 16h
From 20h, every saturdays
27 Jan 2013
From 17h

Samedi 26 - 16h et 20h
Dimanche 27 - 17h


Grande Salle