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26 Oct 2013

The event is over

Photo: Philippe Halsman

Film director Albert Serra is friends with Hans Ulrich Obrist: exhibition curator, critic, art historian, exhibition co-director and international project director at the Serpentine Gallery in London. For the past few years, the two men have been challenging each other to 'talk about Dalí all night'. Their shared passion for the Catalan master Salvador Dalí and the presence of numerous guest artists are now making their wish come true on 26 October, in an event half-way between a marathon performance and a long lesson, like an epilogue to Albert Serra's presence at the Centre Pompidou.

Free admission to the session, with Albert Serra, Hans Ulrich Obrist and numerous guest artists present in Paris for the FIAC.

Photo: Philippe Halsman


26 Oct 2013
9pm - 11:45pm


Petite Salle