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Jonathan Capdevielle


4 - 7 Mar 2015

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Saga, Jonathan Capdevielle

Jonathan Capdevielle has decided to explore the family, a highly recurrent theme in the theatre and literature, in his new play. And not just any family: his own! Its history has been shaken by misfortunes sometimes akin to tragedy. Continuing with his work on autofiction, Jonathan Capdevielle draws on theatre and dance to stage this "family saga" of the Nineties. Based on his memories and interviews, audio documents and videos collected from his family circle, Capdevielle revisits his past in the form of a docu-fiction and conveys the simultaneously euphoric, playful, dark and melancholic character of these dramatised episodes of life.

Saga, Jonathan Capdevielle


4 - 7 Mar 2015
20h30 - 22h


Grande Salle


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