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For kids and teens

Studio Party !

Spécial « Pique-assiette »

07 Feb 2015

The event is over

Studio Party spécial "Pique-assiette"

The "Studio Party" lays the table again with the tableware created during the workshop "Pique-assiette"! It hosts the highly original creations of the culinary designer Olivier Dohin for a colourful and flavoursome tasting session. Visual artist Nicolas Simarik invites 13-16 year-olds to frenzied recycling "battles": consuming, recycling and creating! By way of dessert, the electro artist Miso Soup proposes a spicy "set", with a secret recipe known only to him.

Studio Party spécial "Pique-assiette"


07 Feb 2015
5pm - 8pm




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