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Allio & Weber

Natural Beauty Museum

19 - 22 Nov 2014

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Allio & Weber, Natural Beauty museum

What would happen if the fine arts museums were replaced by "museums of natural beauty"? What if nature now aroused an aesthetic emotion? The artistic duo have thought up the Natural Beauty Museum, an anticipation museum where this theory is seriously considered. Suffering from the "landscape syndrome", the actors/visitors are irresistibly drawn to the contemplation of the panorama. Disoriented, prisoners of their desire, they wander, seeking to experience a feeling of osmosis and continuity that they cannot name. Throughout this imaginative exploration which immerses spectators in perceptions of visual and sound experiences, first-hand accounts and interventions examine the contradictions of our relationship with nature, revealing a disturbing side.
With the Festival d’Automne in Paris

Allio & Weber, Natural Beauty museum


19 - 22 Nov 2014
8:30pm - 10pm


Grande Salle


Spectacle disponible en audio-description 


Dans le cadre du Festival d'Automne à Paris