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Debate / Meeting

Ettore Spalletti and Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

14 Sep 2012

The event is over

Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, "Sans Titre", 2009 (en haut) Ettore Spalletti, Bacile (bassin, cuvette), 1982/1992, Bassin, Cuvette, Photo (en bas)

Ettore Spalletti, whose practice lies between sculpture and painting making work in which volume is dematerialised in favour of colour, and the French-Italian duo Marie Cool/Fabio Balducci, whose actions linked to sculpture and drawing have been defined by Cornelia H. Butler through the notion of character "as an extreme analogy of the present", are the speakers this evening.

Programmation / intervenant(s) :
Avec Ettore Spalletti et Marie Cool Fabio Balducci, artistes, et Penelope Curtis, Directrice de la Tate Britain de Londres.


14 Sep 2012
From 19h


Petite Salle - Centre Pompidou, Cinéma 2