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Cinéma du réel 2022

44th International Documentary Film Festival

11 - 20 Mar 2022

The event is over

« Softie », Sam Soko (2020) © LBx Africa

Every year Cinéma du Réel is an opportunity to explore documentary film, to question its forms, its evolution and ways of making it. In this respect, Cinéma du Réel is an exploratory festival. With twenty-one French and twenty foreign feature-length and short films, none of them previously seen in France, its competition provides an overview of the state of the most recent international productions. Thanks to its extra-competition programme of rare, heritage and contemporary films, Cinéma du Réel affords an appreciation of experimentation with regard to the history of film.

« Softie », Sam Soko (2020) © LBx Africa


11 - 20 Mar 2022


Cinema 2, level –1
Grande salle, level –1
Petite salle, level –1
Level –1

Maison de la poésie, Paris

Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris