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Stefan Kaegi with Shanjulab

Temple of the present. Solo for an octopus

7 - 10 Apr 2021

The event is over

Stefan Kaegi, Judith Zagury and Nathalie Küttel have invented a theatrical aquarium to present an octopus, a curious and playful animal. The relationship with the animal is the basis of the show, to the point of reversing the roles: who is playing with who? Who is watching who? This theatrical reflection, in which people are no longer at the centre, plays with our tendency to see ourselves and our likeness mirrored in the behaviour of animals.


07 Apr 2021
20h - 21h
8 - 10 Apr 2021
19h - 20h
21h - 22h

Event postponed


Petite salle - Centre Pompidou, Paris

© Philippe Weissbrodt