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Camille Juthier

Guest at Moviment


Camille Juthier works through sculpture, installations, video and performance to explore the ways in which our bodies and psyches are transformed via their porosity by the post-industrial environments we live in.


She examines problem areas, such as intensive agriculture and mental care methods. In her works, she presents the aggregates; the results of macerations and experiments, as though to draw out other possible narratives. She explores, reworks and hybridises practical expertise, in order to direct functions, temporalities and senses towards other imaginary spaces.
Camille Juthier draws on the fields of craftwork and design to produce media for alternative stories. Her sculptures are sometimes hand-sized assemblies, or installations designed to be physically experimented with, in order to explore our perceptive potentials.


For "That which is already there", Camille Juthier presents the work From My Vibrant Skin, to My Sighing Heart.

In the program

Ateliers Médicis
"That which is already there"


To celebrate Moviment, "That which is already there" presents a host of – mostly original – screenings, conversations and performances, which, together, sum up the Ateliers Médicis project and its commitment to artistic creation based on experience and relationships.


There is the installation of works by Camille Juthier and Luise Schröder, exhibits on a wall like the start of a collection of images, and a set with Étincelle, an interactive media project devised by the young people of Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil.
Each day features films, performances and talks on the chosen subjects: "Communities: chosen or endured" from both sides of the Atlantic, "Proud displays" that applaud artistic creation, and the right of artists, architects and our imaginations to "Step up".
For this year’s Nuit Blanche (All-Nighter), the artist Aristide Barraud takes over the piazza in front of the Centre Pompidou to pay homage to meanderings that are as much sociological as poetic by asking  a question, written on the pavement in large letters: "But who would I be had I grown up somewhere else?"

To be found in Moviment, chapter 5:

Here and elsewhere

 Wed 31 May – Sun 4 June 2023