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The professional school

Created by the Centre Pompidou in May 2018, the Professional School carries out activities in two major fields: professional lifelong learning and consulting to establish a dialogue with the actors of the world of work. 
In a constantly changing world, learning, innovation and new perspectives are key for companies. The Professional School guides corporate transformation through encounters with art and artists. 
It offers a unique pedagogical approach that articulates scientific, artistic and practical aspects and is based on the community of actors at the heart of the Centre Pompidou, both in-house and externally (staff, curators, artists, researchers), and its wealth of multidisciplinary resources (plastic arts, cinema, music, books, dance, performing arts). 

    A unique school for professionals

    On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Centre Pompidou wanted to reinforce its commitment to exchanges between society and contemporary artistic creation and pursue its vocation of educating the audiences of tomorrow. This exchange addresses a new type of audience: public and private organisations and the professional world in general. 
    Based on a global approach combining expert content, practical work with an artist and the originality of the venue, the Centre Pompidou’s Professional School is a tool for transmission through the arts and culture for a better understanding of the contemporary world. 

      A unique location: artwork and workspace "3-8" by Leopold Banchini

      To encourage its participants to adopt new approaches, the professional school has decided to design a space that is specially tailored to this newly found purpose. This artwork and workspace, designed by the artist and architect Leopold Banchini, in partnership with Laure Jaffuel, is entitled "3-8" and is set at the heart of the contemporary collections of one of the most important modern and contemporary art collections in the world.


      This space showcases new practices in the field of spatial design and is used for receptions, conferences, workshops and other collective and collaborative gatherings of up to 25 people.

      It is exclusively used for events organised by the professional school, and gives partners a complete experience of contemporary creation.


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      Why take a course at the Professional School?

      Since its creation, over 1,200 salaried workers have taken part in the Professional School’s courses, whether custom-made or from the catalogue, allowing them to:

      • take part in a creative, artistic and collective experience at the Centre Pompidou;
      • take a step back through the arts and the humanities and social sciences to gain new perspectives and renew their professional approach;
      • address the issues that are redefining the roles of professionals and companies today in terms of major societal changes (collective and common, the environment, CSR, mission, etc.)
      • be inspired by artists’ critical and visionary perspective.

      Using an open and innovative format, custom courses and those in our catalogue aim to offer new perspectives, change representations of things and renew ways of working

      The Professional School’s courses are structured around three areas of focus: 

      • cross-disciplinary themes to encourage collective, sensitive and relational intelligence and develop curiosity, creativity and agility; 
      • economic sectors considered under a new light to inspire questioning and encourage new and enriching experiences; 
      • the Centre Pompidou’s "vocational" expertise to strengthen skills and enhance professional methods. 

      Whether inter-company or in-house, custom-made or from our catalogue, the Professional School meets the specific needs of companies and organisations with courses held at the Centre Pompidou or remotely, from half a day to 10 days, for groups of 10 to 150 people. 

      A unique learning experience in 4 stages

      Stage 1:
      Questioning and defining problems

      Conversations with an expert
      Meet researchers or practitioners from the cultural sector during a master class to better address an issue and better orientate thinking on professional practices.

      Stage 2:
      Being inspired by art


      Exploring the museum
      Look at the works, take time to observe and analyse what you see to discover the artistic field and reflect on your own methods of action in the Museum.

      Stage 3: 
      Experimenting and questioning again

      Making art with an artist
      An artist, chosen for their work on the subject in question, designs a practical workshop to involve the participants in a collective creative process.

      Stage 4: 
      Transforming and enriching


      Taking ownership
      At the end of the course, a concluding session provides the opportunity to reflect on these experiences and the things learnt from the point of view of the professional world, strengthen ties, give new meaning to the participants’ work and identify changes.

      Un questionnaire est remis aux participants à l'issue de la formation pour évaluer l'impact de la formation et évaluer le taux de satisfaction.

      Discover our training courses

      Eligible for training budgets. Declaration of training activities registered by the Prefect of the Ile-de-France region under the following number: 11755582475. 

      Training activities in the category of actions to adapt and develop employees’ competencies, provided for by Law L6313-1 of the French Labour Code. 

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      For a business, using a Datadock-referenced body facilitates the funding of the training by your designated Opérateur de Compétence (OPCO). 

      Consultancy Offer

      For several years now, the Centre Pompidou has been called on to help communities, organisations and companies to conduct their cultural projects. Redefining cultural programmes, developing programmes targeting a young audience, creating cultural centres, assisting with cultural engineering… So many projects that call for the expertise, excellence and experience of the Centre Pompidou. 


      The Ecole Pro team is available to design a joint collaboration around the project of your choice. 


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      “The advantage of the course is that it does not provide you with ready-made answers, but rather, it encourages you to think.” 


      “The contents of the course revolve around participation and interactions.” 


      “I fully realised the implicit benefits of the course 24 hours later, when I told my colleagues about my experience.” 


      “Meeting and working with an artist on our issues is a rare and precious opportunity. " 


      “The exceptional surroundings in which the course takes place have a positive impact on this experience.” 


      “Having the opportunity to engage with an expert at the Centre Pompidou and being alone in the museum give you a stronger insight into what the artworks can teach you.” 


      Working to create a fabric of partners keen to place art and creation at the heart of their transformation dynamic, the Ecole Pro contributes to transmitting know-how to public and private organisations and companies, in France and internationally.


      Do you have a project you would like the Ecole Pro to help you with?
      Would you like to have more information?

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