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6 Walls, 6 Artists

A project organised in partnership with the M.U.R. Organisation

as part of the "cultural summer"

Throughout the month of July 2020, creative workshops were set up in various structures working with young people or engaged in the fight against social insecurity, such as the Emmaüs Solidarité shelters, homes for unaccompanied minors (with child welfare services), the residents of social housing (in partnership with Paris Habitat), or the community centres of Paris.


6 street artists using a variety of techniques (collage, graffiti and painting) provided participants with a wall for expression. 


This initiative supported artists and provided sometimes fragile audiences with a creative experience in the company of an artist, thus helping them to improve their daily environment.


Wall #1 : El Tono, Mur XIII - 12, Port de la Gare, 13e

WAll #2 : REBUS, Centre Pereire - 71 bd Pereire, 17e

Wall #3 : Lor K - 5 rue Maurice Bouchor, 14e

Wall #4 : GILBERT1, Centre Aboukir - 6, rue d'Aboukir, 2e

Wall #5 : Treize Bis, Foyer Tandou -15 rue Tandou, 19e

Wall #6 : Anne-Laure Maison - rue du Chalet, 10e