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Loan of glasses for color blind people

Color accessibility program

The Centre Pompidou has teamed up with EnChroma to offer colorblind people a colorful visit, close to the one intended by the artists. Borrow a pair of glasses from the cloakroom, free of charge in exchange for your identity card, and (re)discover the colours of our artworks.

Did you know?

In France, 4% of the population is color blind, that is to say 2.7 million people.


While people with normal color vision see over one million shades and hues, those with color vision deficiency only see up to 10% of colors. Colors appear dull, muted and "washed out". Purple looks blue, pink appears gray, red can look brown...


If you see little or no difference between the above pairs of paintings, you may be affected. 

Take the color blind test!

How do EnChroma glasses work?

EnChroma glasses use special optical filters that help the color blind see an expanded range of color and to see it more clearly, vibrantly and distinctly.


The glasses are not a cure for color blindness and work for 9 out of 10 color blind people.

About EnChroma

EnChroma is an independent, Berkeley, California-based company that develops leading patented lens technology to improve the lives of people with colour vision deficiency (colour blindness).


EnChroma lenses are engineered using a revolutionary lens technology developed in the early 2000’s by a glass scientist and UC Berkeley educated mathematician. 


More infos on EnChroma website

Special offer

Are you satisfied with the result?

Take advantage of a special price on EnChroma glasses.


Enter the promotional code "pompidou25" at the time of purchase and benefit from a 25% discount.