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Centre Pompidou visits

Guided audio tours through the exhibitions and permanent collection



Exhibition « Matisse, comme un roman »

Writing Matisse’s biography in novel form was the idea of French poet and writer Louis Aragon. Chapters after chapters, this podcast depicts us the adventure of this life as an artist and follows its different turns. 

“I’m always leaning in the same direction but I change the course in order to get there.” Matisse 

Mixing: Ivan Gariel – Voices: Florian Hutter, Elina Lowensohn, Olivier Martinaud – Sound design: 6e Son

Exhibition « Hito Steyerl. I will survive »

In this exclusive interview, Hito Steyerl answers the questions of the curators on her artistic career, her relationship with images, her vision of new technologies and the concept behind her exhibition at Centre Pompidou. 

With the participation of Marcella Lista (curator and head of the New Media Department) and Florian Ebner (curator and head of the Cabinet of Photography)

Edition and production:  Celia Crétien – Voice: Claire Olivier – Mix: Ivan Gariel – Sound design: Sixième Son

Exhibition « Martin Barré »

Brought to life by an actor, the words of Martin Barré enlighten your visit of the exhibition and your discovery of his work.  

Organised in chapters under the artist’s favourite key words, these quotes follow the three sections. 

Mixing: Guilhem Clarisse and Ivan Gariel – Voices: Delphine Coffin, Olivier Martinaud – Sound design: 6e Son

Exhibition « Global(e) résistance »

A special moment with the curators of the exhibition.

Decolonizing the museum, art as an act of resistance, censorship and the artists’ commitments are some of the themes addressed in this podcast.

With the participation of Christine Macel, Head of Department of Contemporary and Prospective Creation, Yung Ma, guest curator in the Department of Contemporary and Prospective Creation and Alicia Knock, curator in the Department of Contemporary and Prospective Creation at the Centre Pompidou.
Musical excerpts: Lena Lesca, Abdoulaye Cissé.
Video excerpts: Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez Pena, "The Couple in the Cage", Renée Green, "Partially Buried".

Exposition-dossier « Galeries du 20e siècle. 2e volet »

Hommage à Daniel Cordier

En écho à l'accrochage consacré aux galeristes du 20e siècle, le Centre Pompidou rend hommage à Daniel Cordier, disparu le 20 novembre dernier. 
Au son d'archives inédites du collectionneur, Bernard Blistène s'entretient avec Christine Siméone pour saluer la singularité et à la générosité de celui qui fut entre autres un galeriste passionné et un bienfaiteur du Musée national d'art moderne. 

Écriture et réalisation : Christine Siméone – Avec la participation de Bernard Blistène, directeur du Musée national d'art moderne – Mixage : Ivan Gariel

New circuit in the collections


As cornerstones of the Centre Pompidou, the VIPS, or Very Important Pieces, have been created by artists with unrestrained, passionate personalities, and unique life experiences.
This podcast features conversations between a journalist and a guide, for you to enjoy a special moment, as you contemplate each masterpiece.