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Five elements

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Eric Dalbin

Five elements

(Pièces de musique visuelle)


Installation polyptyque de musique visuelle

Pfadfinderei et Modeselektor, Earth ;

Jin, Water ;

Bowling Club x Remote, Fire ;

François Chalet x Selenluft, Air ;

Skolz_Kolgen, Ether

Don du Label Dalbin en 2007

Numéro d'inventaire : AM 2007-1-227

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Description for the presentation 2014 in the National Museum of Modern Art

Eric Dalbin founded his “contemporary creation label” in Paris in 2003. Its originality lies in the collaboration between musicians and visual artists who compose, play and record in real time using the new technologies. VJing (from “video jockey”) involves the real-time mixing of content from a media library: VHD, DVD, digital cameras linked to 2D and 3D image software. This work by fifteen artists from different countries takes as its theme the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and aether. It immerses the viewer in a sensorial experience.

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