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Prisme 7 : the first video game of the Centre Pompidou

A fun and educational video game
To discover some great works in the collection of the centre pompidou and explore the main principles of artistic creation: observe, learn, deconstruct and create


from 12 years old
available for free on mobile (IOS/Android) and computer (PC/Mac)

now available in french, english, spanish and chinese


Download from

Discover modern and contemporary Art in a different way

With Prisme7, the Museum comes to you! 

Designed in collaboration with digital artists Bright and Game in Society and with the support of the Ministry of National Education, the video game Prisme7 allows us to understand artistic creation through an esthetic and poetic universe where works are seen and played. 

Navigating through the theme of color and light, the player explores a world that is built through the creative and sensory discoveries of the works. Prisme7 offers to discover seven levels of play and interact with 40 major works from the biggest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe. It also offers a unique sound immersion designed especially for the game by Ircam Amplify. 

Explore 7 artistic and poetics worlds

Browse the 7 levels of Prisme7 to discover the principles of artistic creation : observe, learn, deconstruct and create. 


Level 1 : Color and function

In the composition of an artwork, a color can have its own function, its own reference. On this level, each color represents a specific function. Assign a color to the objects that don’t have one in order to continue. 


Level 2 : Color and systems

In this level divided into two visual systems, you must bring the colors together, beyond the mirror, following a principle of symmetry.  


Level 3: Color and Activism

In a world in the form of a large dehumanized metropolis city dwellers are a resource that allows to discover certain passages and the city becomes a large mechanism to manipulate. 


Level 4 : Color and emotion

In this colorless world, you color every nook and crany of this level, to reveal the structure and reconstruct the environment. 


Level 5 : Color and spirituality

Take a stroll through this colorful space with abstract shapes, where each area must be activated with the object and color assigned to it. Try to match them beyond the symbolism of shapes and color codes. 


Level 6 : Light and physics 

Light can become a physical marker in space. Use your avatar's light fingerprint to create a passage to access areas that have been previously out of reach. Light certainly generates shadows, but also paths that turn out to be very real. 


Level 7 : Light and immersion

Light can be part of space. Find your balance between your light footprint and your shadow. Your movement through space create unexpected shapes until you reveal a shadow that turns out to be your own creation. 

Educational resources

In order to exploit Prisme7 in the school context, additional resources have been specially designed for the educational community.

They are available from the Department of National Education's Education Platform: 


  • Prisme7 presentation document 
  • Workshop tracks and educational activities designed in connection with the college and Lyceum's school curricula 
  • Preparatory sketchs (storyboards) 
  • Developer interviews 


Link to the resources

Relized with the support of the Minstry National of Education

Programme Investissement d'Avenir (PIA)



In partnership with : 

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