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Franciszka et Stefan Themerson


01 Dec 2021

The event is over

"Franciszka and Stefan Themerson made Europa between 1931 and 1932 in Warsaw. They invented neither the title nor the subject, but used the eponymous poem written in 1925 by Polish writer and poet Anatol Stern, basing their work on the text as though it were a film script. In the poem, we witness the destruction of Europe which, driven by the invasion of mechanical stimuli, devours itself to death. The Themersons present the tragedy and anger of Stern's poem in the form of fragmented images, wild caricatures and ceaselessly repeating discordant rhythms. There is a glimmer of hope when a single shoot grows between two paving stones and gradually cracks them as it grows into a tree. 


01 Dec 2021
19h - 21h


Cinéma 2