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Projection and discussion


Evening in the occasion of the release of the Fall’s edition n°161 of the Cahiers du Musée national d’art moderne – Art & mode

09 Dec 2022

The event is over

"Might Fashion not come from the Painting Salon this time?", Stéphane Mallarmé wondered, writing in the autumn of 1874 under the pseudonym of Marguerite de Ponty in La Dernière Mode (The Latest Fashion), "Gazette of the World and the Family", which the poet wrote alone, or almost, for the duration of eight ephemeral instalments. A little later he would add, under another alias (the transparent Ix): "Nothing in the existence of a period should be ignored: everything in it belongs to all." 


09 Dec 2022
7pm - 9pm


Petite salle, level –1



Le no 161 des Cahiers du Mnam est publié avec le soutien d’Art Interview